Bringing Characters, Worlds & Adventures to Life

Concept Art & Design

The most memorable productions are born from a combination of sensational storytelling and breath-taking imagery. Our studio transforms your story from the conceptual to the visual, creating your characters and bringing your words from the mind or page into the imaginative world of animation.

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Previz & Animatics

When you work with our New Zealand animation studio, you’ll experience the birth of something amazing: your ideas. As you share your vision with our team of dedicated artists, you’ll witness the structure building before your eyes: scenes, story-lines, emotions, motivations – everything that makes your characters truly yours.

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2D & 3D Asset Creation

We have the artists you need for 2D and 3D assets such as set and prop models with advanced articulation, organic character creations and realistic environments with rich virtual details.

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Animation & VFX

When you work with our talented animation team, we’ll incorporate core animation principles to introduce movement and depth, connecting your creations with your audience. From subtle movements that underline motivation to broad actions that define a scene, our studio is equally skilled at producing both comedy and drama, anticipation and revelation. Coupled with knowledge of anatomy, motion, gestures, weight and more, our animations are poised to give your story a true edge.

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Urban Voyage Studios

The New Production Company

We believe that the time has come for on-demand digital content creation at the perfect price-to-quality ratio. That starts with bringing stories, characters and entire worlds to vivid life through creative, world-class talent. Our driving aspirations are to entertain, educate and inspire both our clients and their audience.

We are a new kind of studio for a new world. New demands and new innovations in the animation industry call for a studio where the right talent, creativity and resources collaborate to bring projects to awe-inspiring life. A place where flexibility and scalability is key. At Urban Voyage Studios, we built our New Zealand animation studio to fulfil this need in real time. We harness a flexible workforce and ample production experience, combining it with access to substantial subsidy funding (PDV, R&D, Co-productions), and smart technology solutions to leverage our substantial creative resources on behalf of our clients.

We operate with a clear purpose – to reduce production costs, improve overall creative cycle efficiency and provide significant cost savings for your project. Urban Voyage Studios provides clients with new ideas, highly motivated teams, more efficient communications, enhanced control and improved project visibility, as well as effortless switching between hibernation and activity for studios.

A New Business Model

At Urban Voyage Studios, we offer a new way to approach your project needs. We innovate through removing overhead and other budget-eroding costs for big studios and providing resources, talent and creativity where and when it is required. We achieve this goal specifically through minimising the costs of finding, employing, managing and organising production resources.

New Zealand

Urban Voyage Studios is a 2D/3D Animation company specialising in design and pre-production services for film and television. It’s no coincidence that New Zealand has a reputation as one of the world’s premier locations for screen productions – Avatar, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogies, to name a few. It isn’t just the scenery that draws worldwide clients to our beautiful country – it’s the wealth of talent here, as well. Urban Voyage has existing industry relationships, production experience, and a unified local talent collective so that you can benefit from this smart NZ production trend as well.

Access to Funding

As a New Zealand-domiciled production company, we have access to substantial subsidy funding to contribute to production finance. This access ranges from 20% to 40% of domestic spend.

A voyage beyond exceptional ideas and imagery...

Urban Voyage

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