Let’s face it: No one needs to own a yacht. But, if you’re already living in the lap of luxury in your luxury yacht, you might as well adorn that piece of conspicuous consumption with a giant jaguar. That’s what billionaire Jaguars owner Shahid Khan did with his KISMET super yacht.

3D-printed-yacht-jaguar ImagePaying tribute to his NFL team, Khan had Belgian 3D printing service bureau and software developer Materialise 3D print an enormous jaguar as a hood ornament for the KISMET.   Or, more likely, one of Khan’s employees hired Materialse to do so, yielding a 4 meters (13.6 ft) long and 2 meters (6.5 ft) tall sculpture.  In the video below, you’ll see the process of 3D printing the cat on the company’s Mammoth stereolithography machine. Then, the jaguar is coated in a sleek, protective finish, assembled, and installed on Khan’s bespoke yacht, where it will shine its 10260 lumen eyes out onto the Earth’s mysterious waters.

In a blogpost about the project, Materialise has published an inforgraphic that also outlines more specifics about the giant kitty cat, including the fact that its made from more than 5,000 0.5mm layers.  The entire sculpture weighs 100 kg (220.5 lbs).  All of this was made possible with one of the company’s roughly dozen Mammoth printers, capable of producing objects up to two meters long.  For more on that process, you can watch the video below:

Mr. Khan, now that we’ve covered your beautiful, six-bedroom, 300 ft. long yacht, what do you say you send some of that money my way.  My wife and I think we could be very good rich people, donating a lot of money to charity and creating a lot of jobs.  To sweeten the deal, here’s a playlist that my friend Ben made that you might consider playing on your yacht, titled “On My Yacht”.

Original Source: 3dprintingindustry.com