Urban Voyage Studios is a 2D/3D Animation company specialising in pre-production services for Film & Television


Concept Art & Design

  • Concept Art
  • Character Design
  • Environment Design
  • Prop Creation & Design

The most memorable productions are born from a combination of sensational storytelling and breath-taking imagery. Our studio transforms your story from the conceptual to the visual, creating your characters and bringing your words from the mind or page into the imaginative world of animation. From immersive settings to the “little details” like props and accents, our team’s expertise allows you to quickly and accurately create your storytelling universe for all to see. Urban Voyage Studios shares your passion for creation, and we stand ready to provide careful and focused translation of your story ideas into visual concepts.

Previsualisation & Animatics

  • Storyboard Design
  • Animatics & Previs (2D/3D)

When you work with our New Zealand animation studio, you’ll experience the birth of something amazing: your ideas. As you share your vision with our team of dedicated artists, you’ll witness the structure building before your eyes: scenes, storylines, emotions, motivations – everything that makes your characters truly yours. From anatomies both human and animal, staging both expressive and narrative, you’ll be able to eagerly follow along as each character-driven storyline moves forward at the hands of our skilled animators, destined for your audience’s enjoyment.

With the guidance of collaborative storyboards, our artists manifest comprehensive sequences that pull in your expressive characters, lush sets, intrinsic props and even camera angles. Disciplines like staging, rough animation and cinematography define the skillsets of our team members, enabling you to move quickly and smoothly through the creation process for the seamless addition of finishing stages, such as sound. Our artists will continue to work closely with end-stage editing and directing teams to ultimately produce the best combination of story and running time to delight your audience.

2D Asset Creation

  • Background Design
  • Digital Matte Painting
  • Finished Assets for Animation (Characters, Props, Backgrounds, etc.)

What’s the best way to make an animated feature a masterpiece – a work of art that captivates and lingers in the memory? At Urban Voyage Studios, we believe the key lies with immersive, intriguing illustrations that allow moviegoers to experience an exciting world created just for them. How can you achieve that goal? By working with our incredible range of talent, including experts in background design, digital matte painting and finished assets.

3D Asset Creation

  • 3D Character Modelling (High & Low Poly)
  • 3D Props & Environments Modelling
  • 3D Texturing (Shaders, Texturing, & Materials)
  • 3D Character Rigging (Animation Ready)

When 3D is a must-have for your projects, you’ll want to call Urban Voyage Studios first. We have the artists you need for assets such as set and prop models with advanced articulation, organic character creations and realistic environments with rich virtual details. Drawing on an innate understanding of anatomy, traditional sculpting techniques and advanced digital tools, our modeling professionals work closely with conceptual and art teams to bring tangible dimension to 2-dimensional renderings and illustrations.


Animation & VFX

  • 2D & 3D Animation (Flash, Maya, etc.)
  • Post-Production & VFX

When you work with our talented animation team, we’ll incorporate core animation principles to introduce movement and depth, connecting your creations with your audience. From subtle movements that underline motivation to broad actions that define a scene, our studio is equally skilled at producing both comedy and drama, anticipation and revelation. Coupled with knowledge of anatomy, motion, gestures, weight and more, our animations are poised to give your story a true edge.



  • Project & Pre-Production Management
  • Full pipeline creation, management and reporting

Our Production Management team is the high-powered engine at Urban Voyage Studios. Through thoughtful communication and strategy, we stay agile and on top of fluid production schedules. Both flexible and responsive, you’ll find an amazing ally for on time, in-budget work in our experienced management team.

Our team of artists and visionaries share your passion for stories that engage the heart and mind. We blend your ideas with our passion for production to bring stories and worlds to life

At Urban Voyage Studios, our artists are carefully selected for both their talent and their enthusiasm to share your passion for stories: rich, evocative works that engage the heart and mind. By combining our company’s skilful production techniques and your IP, the results are a success-driven entertainment product primed to engage and expand your audience.


Above all, our artists are selected to act with humility, insight and care as they work on your project. These are individuals that are self-motivated, perceptive, flexible and focused, with innate skill ready to be poured into your project. If you are looking for a team of artists that listen to your ideas, learn and innovate to fit your needs, look no further than our New Zealand animation studio.

Urban Voyage Studios: Seeking New Adventure Partners

Urban Voyage has an accomplished track-record of delivering exceptional imagery for clients in the corporate, manufacturing, property and entertainment sectors.

Our success is defined in advancing a client’s vision to realization and we are a trusted provider to companies all over the world.

Urban Voyage Studios invite skilled, innovative and driven artists to join us in our journey of animation creation. Do you have unique skills, out-of-the-box ideas and a passion for innovation in animation? We want to hear from you! We need you to help us transform our clients’ ideas into a living, breathing work of art that will inspire wonder in audiences. Come flesh out fantastic new worlds and surround yourself with talented industry peers in a rewarding position at our New Zealand studio.

To contact Urban Voyage Studios, please see our contact details listed below. Keep in mind we have limited time to evaluate your work, so only include your best samples, demo reel, and a concise resume. We also evaluate your ability to communicate, and how organised you are in preparing your application.

All applicants must have valid New Zealand working residency with IRD number.

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